The Union of International Associations (UIA) maintains databases on international civil society, including: international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and inter-governmental organizations (IGOs). The UIA's customized data services are the most efficient way of extracting specific and targeted information on the over 65,000 international associations maintained in its databases.

Compiling and disseminating information and data on international organizations has been one of the UIA’s core activities since 1907. The UIA’s databases are continuously updated. The data are structured, comprehensive and concise. The structured framework enables extensive comparison and focused extraction.

The Databases

Information is maintained in two main databases: the Yearbook of International Organizations; and the International Congress Calendar.

The Yearbook includes descriptive profiles of over 65,000 international associations. The Calendar includes details on over 370,000 international meetings of these bodies, from 1851 to the present, and also far into the future.

The Customized Services

  • Data Extractions: fulfillment of once-off data extraction requests, delivered in Excel files or PDF
  • Data Streaming: data streamed to your database, intranet or newsreader
  • Development of a customized database
  • Customized statistics reports (sample)

How It Works

Our specialized researchers will work with you to help you identify the data selection criteria that meet your needs. You can see a list of the criteria in the 'Data Selection' tab above. Once you have made your data selection, we will work with you to help you choose the type of customized service for delivery of your data. From beginning to end, we will guide you through every step of the process.

Using its database the Yearbook of International Organizations, the UIA can help you select the data you need, and deliver them in the format you prefer

Once-off requests for once-off use: meeting immediate needs

Addresses of international associations / Full profiles of international associations (maximum 3,000 associations)
Job activation fee:
  • for UIA Associate Members: no extra charge
  • for non-members: €490.00
Price per address: name and acronym of the association, and name of the contact person, with title/function, plus:
  • full postal address, telephone and fax, without e-mail: €2.50
  • only e-mail address: €3.00
  • full postal address, telephone and fax, with e-mail: €5.00

Delivery format:

  • Excel file: no extra charge
  • printed labels: € 0.30 per label
Price per association full profile:
  • €4.50

Delivery format:

  • PDF

Using its database the Yearbook of International Organizations, the UIA can help you select the data you need, and deliver them in the format you prefer

Data-streaming to your database, intranet or newsreader: constant access to continuously updated information

Addresses and/or full or partial profiles of international associations
Minimum term of contract: 3 years
Database development and set-up fee (invoiced in year 1 of the contract):
  • for UIA Associate Members: €750.00
  • for non-members: €1,500.00
Price per association in year 1 of the contract:
  • up to 1,000 associations: €4.00
  • up to 3,000 associations: €3.50
  • up to 6,000 associations: €3.00

Price per association in year 2 of the contract: the price per association in year 1 plus 2.5%.
Price per association in year 3 of the contract: the price per association in year 2 plus 2.5%.
Should the contract be extended to 5 years, years 4 and 5 each cost the same as year 3.

Maximum: 6,000 associations
Delivery format: a variety of formats is available


UIA can offer its Associate Members other forms of customised data delivery and consultancy. Let us know what you need, and we will provide an individual cost proposal.

Your contacts at UIA:

Joel Fischer:
Clara Fernández López:

Value Added Tax

All prices listed are without VAT. Please note that for customers in Belgium and for EU customers that do not have a valid VAT number, the price will be increased by VAT according to Belgian law.

Customized Databases

The UIA currently maintains a number of customized databases. These databases are most commonly requested by associations, including IGOs and INGOs, and by our Associate Members.

UNESCO Database

One such database project is the UNESCO Database of Non-Governmental Organizations. The database is freely accessible to the public. It contains the fully searchable profiles in English and in French of the partner NGOs of UNESCO, as well as the contact details of their institutional members.

Access the database

Other Frequent Requests

  • Addresses of associations with a principal or secondary office in a specified country
  • Addresses of associations with members in a specified country but no events in that country
  • Profiles of international associations with an interest in a specified subject
  • Profiles of international association meetings in a specified year and country
  • List of associations holding future meetings on a specified subject