Abbreviations Used in the Yearbook

Function names

Title of organization officers may be abbreviated as follows:

Admin = Administrator
CEO = Chief Executive Officer
Dir = Director
Dir = Gen Director General
Exec Dir = Executive Director
Exec Sec = Executive Secretary
Gen Sec = General Secretary
Hon Sec = Honorary Secretary
Pres = President
Sec = Secretary
Sec-Treas = Secretary-Treasurer
SG = Secretary-General
Vice-Pres = Vice-President

Organization forms

NGO non-governmental organization
IGO intergovernmental organization

Names of countries

The names of countries given in each entry or in the index may not be the complete official names of those countries as abridged names are used to simplify consultation. In a few cases, such as in the description of an organization’s history, it has been considered appropriate to leave the old form of a country’s name.