Features of the Statistics Section

The main features of the statistics section are:

Information from Volumes 1-6 of this Yearbook series: As from the 37th edition, all tables previously included as appendices in the other Volumes of this Yearbook now appear in this section (Volume 5 in print).

Historical data and analyses: This section also contains extensive historical statistical summaries and presentations of statistical data, drawing on past editions of the Yearbook series.

Meetings of international organizations: This section also includes statistical data from the international meetings database for meetings of international organizations as published in the International Congress Calendar.

The main innovations in this edition are:

More details in statistical tables: This edition contains more statistical tables than previous editions, and many of the tables are more detailed than similar tables in previous editions. At the same time, the number of graphs and charts (visualizations) has been reduced. This is in response to the many requests the editors have received over the years for more data and less interpretation.

Renumbered figures: Given the changes in the number and content of both the statistical tables and the accompanying visualizations, the figures in this edition are numbered sequentially and have no relation to the figure numbers in previous editions. An index to previous editions is included in 10.5. “Index to figure numbers in previous editions”.

Explanatory notes: In order to emphasize the importance of certain explanatory notes – in particular “Types of organization”, “Continuity”, and “Geographical names” – some texts are included in the beginning, before the statistical tables. Users are advised to read these notes carefully before consulting the statistical tables.

For further explanatory information, see Section 10, and in particular 10.1.